What are the available crew choices for an away team in Coincident Split?

The crew aboard a Generation Starship are many and their roles and responsibilities are varied. Only the very best are available for selection in an away team. Here are the various types which are eligible:

Nobles - As owner and captain of the Generation Starship, the player must create a noble. The noble is in command of the rest of the crew and it is technically the noble's away team which the player generates. Nobles are tough, having spent much of their youths often dabbling in the sport of zero G boxing (which is harder than it looks to the layman). Their responsibility is to tens of thousands of people (in some rare cases; millions) and they seek out new worlds to colonise so these people can have a place to call home. Nobles serve the Galactic Monarchy and are answerable to the Starcrown. They must be commanding to inspire the necessary confidence for others to follow them. Nobles have full clearance for weapons and battle armour, allowing them to lead from the front and protect other crew members when embattled.

Klarvian - These are an alien species that resemble people but have large, fearsome and frightening horned heads, wider than they are long, mouths dripping with narrow teeth. Klarvians began first contact with earth with an attempted invasion! In the mighty war that followed much of earth was devastated, however the counter attack under earth Queen Em pushed the attacking army back right to their homeworld, the hollow planet Klarvia. In a daring behind enemy lines attack by special forces, the Klarvian Mastermind was assassinated, paving the way for the Klarvian defeat and eventual assimilation into the Galactic Monarchy. A hundred years later, the Klarvians are trusted allies, and their honourable culture and ethos has won them much respect.

Medic Officer - Medics look after the health and safety of the crew using a unique high tech device call the Handheld All Purpose; or HAP for short. The medic prepares various configurations for the HAP and then loads them into the device. Once on the field the medic can then utilise the HAP to cure wounds and poisons (and so forth) according to how it was configured. As medics become more experienced they learn new ways to configure the HAP -an almost wondrous device that only medics gain access to. Medics have some military clearance but are restricted in the weaponry they can use as their role is mostly a supporting one.

Vell - The Vell are a highly logical alien race that predates humanity's rise to the stars. When first contact was made they were eager to trade. As the Vell have large ears that often protrude from their hair they became fascinated by the earth custom of wearing hats in winter. This became a key point that trade revolved around. They offered knowledge of their mysterious Multipurpose Energy Replicator (MER) technology in exchange for a constant supply of the finest hats earth could offer. Since then the Vell have been strong allies to the Galactic Monarchy. They utilise a Multipurpose Energy Replicator to good effect and have a good security clearance for weapons and armour. MERs are a type of all purpose device that can function as a weapon or even a defensive or utility item.

Technomonk - Technomonks are a psuedo-religious group that worships a vast artificial intelligence called The Mind. After successive earth governments proved beyond doubt that self rule was ultimately harmful to humanity a machine was put in charge of all of the earth's resources. This machine is The Mind and the Technomonks are those that work to maintain it. Due to their advanced scientific knowledge they are also highly valued aboard starships. Their primary equipment is a Multipurpose Energy Replicator which the Technomonk charges up with various configurations to alters its role on the field. Despite the MER having alien origins even the Vell (who invented it) cannot match the Technomonks in operation. Technomonks have very little military clearance and so are restricted in the weaponry and armour they can use.

Globling - Looking somewhat blue and blob-like in appearance this unusual race of humanoids are recent allies of the Galactic Monarchy via a controversial marriage of Princess Farah to Globling Cyan. First contact was made after the Globling mothership crash landed on earth's antarctic. After some initial 'misunderstandings' they were integrated into human society. They are by and large a sneaky race that prefers indirect confrontations and ambushes. Often they prefer to strike at a distance and run. Globlings are often excellent marksmen and have a reasonable security clearance rate for military items.

Engineer - Engineers are skilled in operating and overriding electronic devices. They are masters of their domains on board a starship and regularly navigate the weird n dimensional Escherist nature of ship engine compartments. Engineers can get into (and out of) tricky technical situations and tend to have excellent balance. An engineer's skill set improves with experience. Engineering officers have fair military clearance but are restricted in the armour they can use. They are well versed in the use of energy weapons and pretty good shots.

Android - Androids are crewmen that have been brought back to life via a consciousness transfer direct from brain to neural network. Androids are not common on board the ship with a population distribution of less than 1% of the total. Access to the consciousness duplication technology is strictly prohibited. Androids are not built for durability but they are very effective at close quarters in a battle scenario; often employing just their hands for deadly effect. Androids have very little military clearance for armour.

What are the available crew choices for an away team in Coincident Split?

The crew aboard a Generation Starship are many and their roles and responsibilities are varied. Only the very best are available for selecti...